Ruby Magnetic Eyelash

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Ruby is a real gem 😉 she is classy, confident, and highly fashionable. This lash will take you from girl next door to BOMBSHELL in 2.5! This lash is perfect for glam shots and vintage makeup looks due to its exaggerated flare towards the outer corner of eyes. Medium to long in length and full of volume these 100% mink fur lashes are sure to make a statement.


  • Kit includes 1 reusable magnetic eyelash and 1 magnetic eyeliner OPTIONS include:


    • Onyx ( water-resistant eyeliner)
    • Orignal (our original magnetic eyeliner formula)


  • Eyelash tweezer
  • 100% Real Mink hair cruelty-free
  • Length: 24mm
  • 3.0 Cotton band 
  • Protective magnetic case 
  • Can reuse up to 30X’s with proper care