Nyx Magnetic Eyelash

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Nyx is our barely-there half lash! She is quiet and accentuates the outer corner of the eye with natural length getting shorter towards the inner part of the eye. This lash is best suited for those who have short sparse lashes and are looking to add some length and volume without it being noticeable. Nyx has dark shadowy nature that is perfect for a natural look and she'll keep your secret safe!


  • Kit includes 1 reusable magnetic eyelash and 1 magnetic eyeliner OPTIONS include:


    • Onyx ( water-resistant eyeliner)
    • Orignal (our original magnetic eyeliner formula)


  • Eyelash tweezer
  • 100% Real Mink hair cruelty-free
  • Length: 15-18mm
  • 3.0 Cotton band 
  • Protective magnetic case 
  • Can reuse up to 30X’s with proper care