Buttercup Magnetic Eyelash

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Don't let the name fool you Buttercup is not one to play with! She is bold, fierce, and packs a major punch. She is a beautiful bombshell on the block who runs with the boys. Your the woman girls envy and men are afraid to approach. Can we say SLAY!? Medium length and full of volume these 100% mink fur lashes are sure to make a statement.

  • Kit includes 1 reusable magnetic eyelash and 1 magnetic eyeliner OPTIONS include:


    • Onyx ( water-resistant eyeliner)

    • Original (our original magnetic eyeliner formula)


  • Eyelash tweezer
  • 100% Real Mink hair cruelty-free
  • Length: 22mm
  • 3.0 Cotton band 
  • Protective magnetic case 
  • Can reuse up to 30X’s with proper care